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image of KenKen GS installed at Gridspace gallery (interior view)

KenKen GS installation at Gridspace

April 14, 2011

KenKen GS (interior view) Installation at Gridspace, Brooklyn, NY April, 2011. Photo: Paul McGeiver           KenKen GS is a new installation work that continues Galbraith’s exploration of a tightly-coupled yet non-linear and generative relationship between image and sound. The work’s compositional basis includes the structure and expanded numerical content of four [...]

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image of installation view of Lines In Two Directions (After Sol LeWitt)

Lines In Two Directions (After Sol LeWitt)

April 27, 2008

6:21, color animation with sound Custom software generated the animation and affected the analog synthesizer soundtrack. The work is a direct capture of the audiovisual output of the system.

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