Video documentation of KenKen GS installed at The Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY, July, 2014.

KenKen GS is a videowork that explores a tightly-coupled yet non-linear and generative relationship between image and sound.

The work’s compositional basis includes the structure and expanded numerical content of KenKen puzzles published in the New York Times, historical color scales proposing different correspondences of color to musical pitch, and sixteen resonant acoustic frequencies recorded in and around the stairwell of the Museum of Arts and Design where the work was exhibited as an installation in 2014 for NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial.

KenKen GS is generated in real-time by Galbraith’s custom software, and features abstract graphics formatted with reference to the stairwell location and high definition display used for the NYC Makers exhibition.

The piece has a linear temporal structure and loops after the animation sequence completes. KenKen GS was first shown in 2011 and is adapted specifically for each new installation location.

KenKen GS (2014) video documentation | 2014 | Exhibition, Sound and Image, Video