lgOpre iPhone App

Create, explore and play with sound and image using lgOpre (pronounced luh GOP ruh), an app from artist and composer David Galbraith. Like his video installation artworks the app features abstract images linked to sound with a rhythmic red dot. Generate your own graphics with a synchronized melodic soundtrack using a simple touch interface.


Tap the screen to start your audiovisual composition. Tap on the black part of the screen to add more patterns.

Tap on an existing pattern to silence it. Tap it again to unmute and add it back to the composition.

Swipe up to remove the last pattern added. Swipe up again to remove a randomly selected pattern.

Double tap to remove all and start over.

When you leave the app your creation is saved so you can start again later where you left off.


Play alongside a friend who also has the lgOpre app and inspire each other in a sound and image jam session!

Troubleshooting Tips

Can’t hear sound?

Make sure the volume is turned up on your device.

lgOpre App | 2016 | App